Iso windows xp download

Where do I Download Windows XP SP3 in ISO?

Hi,  udem.


My post on the XP service packs is just that; the Service Packs. As stated in the thread, they're legitimate copies of the original standalone Network Administrator install type, and were archived for many years on good-quality CDs.


However; since I received clarification from one of the BC staff here, a few days ago, that XP is now officially considered to be 'abandonware', and that links to any XP stuff on the web is now allowed, I think I'm quite safe in posting this link to a full ISO version of XP Professional, with SP3 ready-installed, the 'POS-ready' hack in place, and auto-activation built-in (no activation key required).


I can personally guarantee that this works 100%, and has no hidden 'nasties', as I used it for over a year on an elderly Dell Inspiron laptop, which came with it originally. Don't take any notice of where it says 'Home' edition; it's definitely the Pro version. And it works perfectly. Just be aware that you do get re-directed 3 or 4 times before you reach the download itself. The only reason I stopped using it was because I finally came to the same conclusion I reached originally, when XP went EOL; that XP was really too much for the hardware on that particular machine, which runs far better with a lightweight Linux distro, like Puppy Linux.


This version has been updated with all the necessary SATA drivers, and the WGA auto-activates, too..!   Whichever version you decide to try, let us know how you get on with it, please.




If you're feeling like a bit of a rebel, there's also the 'Black' Edition too, which uses the rare Royale 'Noir' theme, along with loads of extra 'goodies'. I've tried this, as well, and once again can vouch for it's authenticity.




You can also install the 'Royale Noir' theme separately onto any XP install. It is such an improvement over the standard blue 'Royale'.....


Once again, I've used this, and can vouch for it as being genuine. Finally, if you want to spruce your XP up, and give it some flair, I can thoroughly recommend the XP 'PowerToys'. They truly put the 'finishing touch' to what was always a very good OS.....especially the 'Desktop Manager', which gives you multiple 'desktops', just like Linux! And the 'TrueType' one improves the font-rendering enormously.


This download contains every single PowerToy ever released for XP, in one single .zip file! Once again, tested, and vouched for, personally.


Hope some of that helps. Enjoy..!


(Remember, please, that this stuff is totally you use it ENTIRELY at your OWN RISK. Follow ALL the usual precautions; download to desktop only, then scan the life out of it, to make sure it's ABSOLUTELY SAFE, before attempting to use it.)




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Iso windows xp download